First Steps Into Swinging

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GET INTO SWINGING So, you finally realized everything you knew about being a swinger was a complete lie. You’re welcome. And maybe after reading that story, you and your partner were like: “Well, since it’s not all old people with robes, watching you with somebody else might be kind […]

How to Have a Better Polyamorous Relationship

Dos and don’ts for happy polyamorous relationships Pragmatic advice on things likely to help your relationships work Guidelines to consider when managing polyamorous relationships Polyamory adds a significant layer of complexity atop the already complex job of managing a romantic relationship. Building good poly relationships doesn’t happen by accident; in addition to the normal challenges […]

The Cunting Linguist

Bondage is something everyone should experience. Too often, things like bondage or use of sex toys or whatever are all obscured by a perception that they’re made for people who REALLY are into sex as a lifestyle. Not so. But even if it were so, what’s so bad about enjoying sex as a larger part […]

What’s it really like to be a swinger?

Swinging isn’t just a pastime for the local park. It’s a global community of people who engage in sexual relations as a recreational or social activity — and it’s thriving more than you might think.

How Do I Get Into BDSM

A Guide For Beginners, Because The Most Important Thing You Do Is Probably Not What You Think BDSM means different things to different people. Some may be pretty sure they aren’t into it, while many of us can’t help but be really curious. But what do you need to know if you’re new to BDSM? Like […]

Why All Men Want A 3some

We all have our sexual fantasies. Some of us get more creative with our fantasies then others- whips & chains, masks, role playing, fucking a random girl on the subway, in the park, in a cab, in the movie theater… the list goes on and on. There is, however, one fantasy that all men, of […]

19 Threesome Tips From Women Who Have Been There, Because Communication Is Key In All Kinds Of Sex

So you’ve mastered two-way sex and are ready to up your game by including another partner. Maybe you’re coupled and looking to spice things up or maybe you’re that fabled “unicorn,” the group sex term for the third (usually a woman, but not always) who’s interested in exploring a new way of having sex. There […]