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Click on the PROFILE tab on the menu bar

Click on the GREEN HEAD TAB – CHANGE AVATAR on the profile menu and you may need to scroll down to see the picture upload depending on what device you are using. Upload.

Alternatively click on the PROFILE TAB in the menu then click on the YELLOW VIEW PROFILE TAB, this will bring you to everything on your profile. Click the SILVER HEAD AVATAR on the right hand side and hit CHANGE AVATAR on the drop down menu.

You can also change the BACKGROUND PICTURE (profile cover) but please know you will need a picture long in length and short in width i.e. 1350×350 or larger to get a good image size as the site is designed for PC as well as mobile.

Can I have a joint profile with my partner

You are able to have a single or joint profile. Once you have filled in your basic registration simply go to the PROFILE TAB and there you will find MEMBER 1 and MEMBER 2 info. Please try to fill in as much information as you can as it helps other members match you on searches in our MEMBERS directory.

What are the WIDGET settings for on my profile

On your widget settings you can create a BIO where you can add a different picture to your profile and fill in any information about you or your company or service.

You can fill in information for Member 1 & 2 if you have a partner.

You can add billing information here if you intend to advertise

You can also upload pictures or videos to your own gallery for viewing, any skills you have or any website links that support your business.

You can also add your social profile settings

You can update passwords, emails notifications etc

What's in the VIEW PROFILE (Yellow Tab)

When you are on the PROFILE TAB you can hit the Yellow View Profile – this let’s you overview all the posts you have made either in the main HANGOUT Feed or in the specific groups you have posted pictures to. This also let’s you upload Videos and Audio as well as documents.

This will also give you access to the

GROUPS you are in



A MAIL system


FORUMS you have joined

MEDIA you have posted

BOOKMARKS you have saved

REVIEWS you have received


On a mobile phone the AVATAR (SILVER HEAD) picture is at the top, click this menu down and you can go to the account and change your picture (Avatar) same as above by hitting MY ACCOUNT


What is the Hangout

It’s a social platform similar to facebook or mewe with very few restrictions (NO ANIMALS – NO KIDS – NO BULLYING. We encourage you to post in the main feed to make friends from everywhere but also to join groups for your specific areas or dynamics,

Can I start and Admin my own Groups

Yes this is very easy to set up and manage simple go to the groups tab and set yours up today and add other admins as you like. Just follow the step by step instructions under CREATE A GROUP at the top of the groups page.

Can I friend other members?

Yes, go to the members page and search by name, or use the drop down lists to find area, dynamic and more. You can send friend requests, and even review another member. They are able to remove the review if they do not like it because we understand some people can be a little too personal in their opinions and this isn’t always welcomed.

Is there anything I can’t post on the Alt Style Hangout or Groups

We will not restrict freedom of speech in any way. However we will also not tolerate any kind of bullying, body or kink shaming or any kind of illegal activity such as underage children or bestialities. We will have monitors for such behavior and we will remove, ban and hold the right to report anything of such a nature.

Member Match

You can easily find other members to Friend under the MEMBERS TAB. However please try to COMPLETE your profile which as much detail as possible. The more you complete, the easier it is for people to find you by area, kink, dynamic, age etc



Listings are where anyone can list their business, vacation location like house rental or hotel, event, cruise, products or any other service such as bars, clubs, restaurants, nail salons, plumber services etc

Do Listings Cost

We have made the listings affordable to EVERYONE. Depending on the time length of your listing – 1 month to one year – our prices range from $11 a month to $19 for one month.

Simply click listings and go to PRICING PLANS, upload your information, make the payment on the plan you have purchased and your add will appear within a few hours once a monitor has checked the information.

How Many Listings can I have

You can also purchase an UNLIMITED VIP plan for only $50 a month. These plans allow you to list as many businesses or services that you like so for example if you own clubs but have 7 locations you can list them all separately in each state with the various event information for each one.

Please see the Advertise – Pricing Plans under LISTINGS TAB or simply click add listing and it will allow you to select your package there.

Is there any business I can't advertise under listings

You can advertise ANY LEGAL business or service on our listings. It can be a service such as a restaurant, a store, therapist, building or real estate and much more. You can list by area, State, or Globally if it’s a web service.

If you have a legitimate business i.e. you have a legal licensed store for weed products in a legal state such as Colorado you may advertise but with all shipping restrictions in play that your business license requires.

We will NOT ALLOW any illegal business such as prostitution, child trafficking, illegal drugs etc. We reserve the right to remove your add without refund if we feel its ILLEGAL. We also reserve the right to report it to the police if its suspicious. Please read our Policies in our Footer.

Can I edit My Listing once its placed

You can edit your listing anytime but a moderator will check your add before it is republished. Please understand this is to protect the community against illegal activity. It will usually reappear within a few hours.

How Do I post a Listing

Simply click the ADD LISTING in the menu bar it will offer you all relative packages. Select your package and place in the cart then upload your information and pictures. Finally go to Your cart by clicking the cart link at the top or go to PROFILE and hit the SHOP tab and it will allow you to check out there.


Please go to LISTINGS TAB – Drop down the menu to advertising and listings and each click bar will allow you to see plans for various advertising and sponsorship spots.

Can our business get a custom made add?

Yes, we would absolutely love to talk to you about your advertising goals please contact our team at advertise@thealtstyle.com and someone will be happy to call and discuss your needs.


What Type of Events Do You have

For your convenience we have split our events into specific dynamics. It’s easy to find a club, venue or vacation spot simply by clicking your dynamics tab for instance if you are a Biker or part of the LGBTQIA community or prefer swinging etc they are all categorized.

Do Events Cost to List

Right now due to COVID and limited events we are allowing each event to list for FREE. Eventually we will be charging $10 per event listing to help with the development of our website, community, staff, designers and servers. We will be offering an unlimited listing package for $50 a month to those that have many venues or parties to advertise. So take advantage now and get your listings on!

How Many Listings can I have


Take advantage and get those events uploaded, many are desperate to get out after 2020 and Covid so start planning and listing for now or next year while we are offering free listings.

How Do I list my event(s)

Simply click the LIST AN EVENT Tab located under the EVENTS header Menu.

Please make sure to DETAIL EVERYTHING, the more information you can provide the better.

Please INCLUDE an events PICTURE

Please make sure to add YOUR CATEGORIES i.e. Swinger, General, BDSM etc so people can find your event in the right sections

All events will also be featured under the ALL EVENTS Tab


Report ABUSE

Please contact us at


Please provide screen shots or as much information as you can. If you see any harassments or illegal activity we want to hear about it.

General Enquiries

Please contact us at


We encourage your feedback – alternatively if it’s a suggestion for the website in general please use the FEEDBACK page listed under the HOME PAGE TAB

Thank you

How can I contact you about specific advertising

Our Advertising Packages are found under the LISTINGS TAB on the MENU bar as “Advertising/Packages” if you are looking for something more specific we would be happy to talk to you please drop us a line at


And one of our Marketing Team will get back to you shortly. Please provide a phone number and Name and the best time of contact if you prefer a call.

I have a billing question

All of our billing is done on a PRE PAID basis. However if you have questions please feel free to contact us at


We will be happy to make sure all your questions or concerns are answered

I want to have my blogs featured on your blog page

We would LOVE to have you as a blogger on our community.

Please send your blog to


And we will be happy to add it to our categories. We review all of the blogs submitted and if it is approved it will appear within 24 hours.

Questions about our events?

Please contact us at